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Is a company established to launch and distribute new and interesting products that have not Been introduced in Korea yet.

QWorld aims to find products that can be sympathized and enjoyed by all generations faster than Anyone else and successfully launch them to customers. We are focusing on products that can Help improve the quality of life, not just fun.

QWorld will always do our best to showcase products that can give customers freshness. Also, we Will always try to position ourselves as the best company that can give trust to our partners and Share profits.


2020 - Office relocation (High Sense Bill - Yangji Building)
         Dust Zero Magicmat domestic distributorship contract.
         Wadiz crowdfunding project.

2019 - Launched Slendertone Abs8.
          Salli (Finland) Saddle chair domestic distributorship contract.
          Salli Dental Category domestic distributorship contract - Osstem.

2018 - Salli (Finland) Saddle chair agency contract.

2017 - Acquisition of face care machine - vlow V1.
          Re-contracted for 3 years with Slendertone.
          Launched Swing Walker 360.
          Launched SpinePro.

2016 - Revival Medical Doctor Lady domestic distributorship contract.
          Gibbon Slacklines (Germany) distribution in Korea.
          Ollin Enterprises : (Germany) TA-TO, Speed badminton, Fun sports, etc.

2015 - Lytess fit active (France) domestic distributorship contract.

2014 - NSD Spinner (Taiwan) domestic distributorship contract.
          Slendertone premium line launch.
          MTS sports (Germany) distribution in Korea.
          DUL-X (Swiss) distribution in Korea.

2013 - Renewal of Qworld homepage and family site.
          Ledragomma (Italy) distribution in Korea.
          Omni Pillow (USA) distribution in Korea.
          Slendertone offline area extension.
          Acquisition of Idea Online Mall 'Fun&Life'.

2012 - Slendertone domestic distributorship contract.
          Open slendertone homepage and On-Off-Line Promotion.
          Acquisition of Carpe diem Co., Ltd.
          Opened Cupid, a life and health leisure sports experience store in Gunja-dong.

2011 - Swimfin(England) domestic distributorship contract.
          REAL-EASE (USA) domestic distributorship contract.
          Waboba ball launched in Korea.
          Body Ballster acquisition of domestic distribution rights.
          Bazooka Goal domestic distributorship contract.
          Lifeline (USA) domestic distributorship contract.

2010 - Dynaflex (USA) domestic distributorship contract.
          Indian wooden chess (INDIA) launched in Korea.
          Breo (England) domestic distributorship contract.

2009 - African art Expansion of world traditional crafts business.
          Transfer of company between family members (Change the company name, G&G to Qworld)
          Online exclusive distribution contract with Buheung Medical Co., Ltd. (Free M/Free Q)
          Snowboard (USA) domestic distributorship contract.

2007 - Acquisition of G&G company.
          Exclusive sales contract for NSD Powerball (Ireland) & MASON Wooden chess (Poland).

2006 - Matryoshka Business expansion (Russian traditional crafts).

2003 - Establishment of Baby Kerot (First business advance).

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